October UGC Agenda


II. Announcements/Discussion

 Administrative Updates

SACSCOC Updates: Matt Smith

SCHEV  Updates:  SusanWoodruff

Registrar Updates

  • College-level requirement changes that may impact other degree programs

College Curriculum Processes

  • None at this time

Guest Presentations

QEP Update: Kristen Wright

Action Items


CHHS New Program : Health Systems Management Minor


CEHD New Course PHED 330: Health and Physical Activity for Classroom Teachers
CHSS New Course ANTH 317: East Asian Cultures
CHSS New Course INTS 374: Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Television
CHSS New Course RELI 236: Religion and Film
CHSS New Course RELI 310: Judaism
CHSS New Course RELI 311: Beginnings of Christianity
CHSS New Course RELI 324: Religion in America
CHSS New Course RELI 336: Jesus and the Gospels
CHSS New Course RELI 338: Qur’an and Hadith
CHSS New Course RELI 339: The Bible as Literature
CHSS New Course RELI 342: Comparative Study of Mysticism
CHSS New Course RELI 343: Sufism
CHSS New Course RELI 344: Muhammad: Life and Legacy
CHSS New Course RELI 345: Catholicism
CHSS New Course RELI 346: Evangelical America
CHSS New Course RELI 347: Mormonism
CHSS New Course RELI 348: American Judaism
CHSS New Course RELI 358: Islamic Thought
CHSS New Course RELI 366: Jewish Political Tradition
CHSS New Course RELI 367: Islamic Law, Society, and Ethics
CHSS New Course RELI 368: Islam, Democracy, and Human Rights
CHSS New Course RELI 369: Religion and Revolution in Latin America
CHSS New Course RELI 385: Modern Christian Thought
CHSS New Course RELI 399: Special Topics in Religious Studies
CHSS New Course WMST 320: Violence and Gender
COS New Course BIOL 428: Planetary Health
COS New Course GEOL 103: Physical Geology Lab
COS New Course NEUR 301: Cross Cultural Studies in Scientific Research
COS New Course NEUR 424: Sleep and Circadian Rhythms
COS New Course NEUR 473: Current Neuroscience Research in Germany



CEHD Modified Course HEAL 350: Health Interventions for Vulnerable Populations 
CHSS Modified Course RELI 420: Capstone Seminar in Studies of Religion
CHSS Modified Course WMST 410: Feminist Research Methods
COS Modified Course GEOL 101: Physical Geology


CHSS Inactivated Course ECON 440: Economic Systems Design: Principles and Experiments
CHSS Inactivated Course INTS 361: Neighborhood, Community, and Identity
COS Inactivated Course GGS 330: Geography of the Soviet Succession States



BUS Modified Program ABUS: Business Analytics Minor
CVPA Modified Program AMGT: Arts Management Minor
PROV Modified Program UN-BAS-APLS: Applied Science, BAS
BUS Modified Program BU-CERB-ACCT: Accounting Undergraduate Certificate


CHHS Modified Course HHS 270: Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology I
CHHS Modified Course HHS 271: Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology II
CHHS Modified Course KORE 101: Elementary Korean I
CHHS Modified Course KORE 102: Elementary Korean II
CHSS Modified Course BIS 390: The Research Process
CHSS Modified Course BIS 490: RS: Senior Project
CHSS Modified Course RELI 211: Introduction to Religions of the “West”
CHSS Modified Course RELI 212: Introduction to Religions of Asia
CHSS Modified Course RELI 240: Death and the Afterlife in Religions
CHSS Modified Course RELI 341: Spirituality and Healing
CHSS Modified Course RELI 403: Scripture and Authority in Religious Traditions
CHSS Modified Course RELI 407: Women in Religious Traditions
COS Modified Course NEUR 335: Developmental and Systems Neuroscience
COS Modified Course NEUR 422: Glutamatergic Systems


CHHS Inactivated Course INTS 244: Beats, Rhyme, and Culture
CHSS Inactivated Course INTS 422: An Experiential Approach to American Foreign Policy
CHSS Inactivated Course WMST 406: Gender and Violence in Social Institutions
COS Inactivated Course GGS 210: Introduction to Spatial Computing
COS Inactivated Course GGS 322: Issues in Global Change
COS Inactivated Course GGS 398: Selected Topics in Global Change
COS Inactivated Course GGS 410: Introduction to Hyperspectral Imaging