April 2022 UGC Agenda

Wednesday, April 20, 2021 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion

 Administrative Updates

SACSCOC Updates: Matt Smith

SCHEV  Updates:  Susan Woodruff

Registrar Updates: Tom Butler


  • Academic Policies Updates
  • Mason Core Updates
  • Schedule/Membership for next year


III. New Business

Action Items


BUS New Program : Energy Transition Management Minor


BUS Modified Program ENTR: Entrepreneurship Minor
Carter Modified Program CA-BA-CONF: Conflict Analysis and Resolution, BA
Carter Modified Program CA-BS-CONF: Conflict Analysis and Resolution, BS
CEC Modified Program : Mechanical Engineering, BS/Applied and Engineering Physics, Accelerated MS
CEC Modified Program EC-BS-BIOE: Bioengineering, BS
CEC Modified Program EC-BS-CEIE: Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, BS
CEC Modified Program EC-BS-ME: Mechanical Engineering, BS
CEC Modified Program EC-BS-SYST: Systems Engineering, BS
CEC Modified Program EC-CERB-CS: Computer Science Undergraduate Certificate
CEC Modified Program EENG: Environmental Engineering Minor
CHHS Modified Program HH-BSN-NURS: Nursing, BSN
CHSS Modified Program : Bachelor’s Degree (any)/Interdisciplinary Studies, Accelerated MAIS (Women and Gender Studies Concentration)
CHSS Modified Program : Bachelor’s Degree (any)/Middle East and Islamic Studies, Accelerated MA
CHSS Modified Program : College of Humanities & Social Sciences: Requirements for the BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-EVSS: Environmental and Sustainability Studies, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-INTS: Integrative Studies, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BS-INTS: Integrative Studies, BS
COS Modified Program SC-BA-BIOL: Biology, BA
COS Modified Program STEM: STEM in Society Minor
CVPA Modified Program AR-BFA-GAME: Computer Game Design, BFA
HNRS Modified Program : University Honors
INTO Modified Program IN-BA-P001,IN-BS-P001,IN-BFA-P001,IN-BPRE-P001: INTO-Mason: Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate Pathways
INTO Modified Program IN-BS-P004,IN-BPRE-P004: INTO-Mason: Business Undergraduate Pathways
PROV Modified Program DSTH: Design Thinking
INTO Modified Program IN-BPRE-P005,IN-BS-P005: INTO-Mason: Engineering, Computer Science, and Statistics
PROV Modified Program UN-BAS-APLS: Applied Science, BAS
CHHS Modified Program : Bachelor’s Degree (any)/Public Health, Accelerated MPH


BUS New Course BUS 325: Creating Value for Business Stakeholders
BUS New Course MGMT 325: Creating Value for Business Stakeholders
Carter New Course CONF 337: Restorative Justice
Carter New Course CONF 373: Contemporary Issues
Carter New Course CONF 475: Special Topics in Conflict Analysis and Resolution
CEC New Course BENG 415: Biomanufacturing
CEC New Course CS 108: Intro to Computer Programming, Part A
CEC New Course CS 109: Intro to Computer Programming, Part B
CEC New Course ECE 340: Data Structures and Embedded Systems Programming in C/C++
CEC New Course IT 416: Introduction to Machine Learning (HOLD for May)
CEHD New Course RMGT 499: Independent Study
CHED New Course SRTM 303: Introduction to Wine & Craft Beverage Management
CHED New Course SRTM 342: Wine & Craft Beverage Field Experience
CHHS New Course HAP 455: Computer Programming in Health Applications
CHSS New Course GLOA 386: Media, Technology, and Globalization
COS New Course CHEM 460: Chemistry in the Kitchen
COS New Course MATH 421: Abstract Algebra II
COS New Course MATH 432: Differential Geometry
COS New Course MATH 433: Algebraic Geometry
COS New Course MATH 490: Internship
CVPA New Course MUSI 108: Practical Musicianship
CVPA New Course MUSI 220: Applied Music in Music Technology
CVPA New Course MUSI 240: Applied Music in Music Technology
CVPA New Course MUSI 440: Applied Music in Music Technology
CVPA New Course THR 406: Advanced Movement in Musical Theater
INTO New Course INYO 102: Transition INTO Mason II: Peer-Supported


BUS Modified Course MGMT 453: Starting a Business
CHHS Modified Course HAP 464: Electronic Health Record Configuration and Data Analysis
CHSS Modified Course CRIM 479: Preparation for Internship
CHSS Modified Course CRIM 480: Internship
COS Modified Course BIOL 213: Cell Structure and Function
COS Modified Course COS 300: Professional Preparation for STEM Disciplines
COS Modified Course EVPP 109: Ecosphere- Introduction to Environmental Science I- Lab
COS Modified Course EVPP 113: Ecosphere: Introduction to Environmental Science II–Lab
COS Modified Course GGS 416: Satellite Image Analysis
COS Modified Course MATH 491: Reading and Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
COS Modified Course PHYS 161: University Physics I Laboratory
COS Modified Course PHYS 261: University Physics II Laboratory
CVPA Modified Course DANC 318: Global Dance Perspectives II
CVPA Modified Course MUSI 380: Wind Symphony
CVPA Modified Course MUSI 381: University Chorale
CVPA Modified Course MUSI 383: Symphonic Band
CVPA Modified Course MUSI 385: Chamber Singers
CVPA Modified Course MUSI 387: Symphony Orchestra
CVPA Modified Course MUSI 389: Jazz Ensemble
INTO Modified Course AE 012: Level 1-2 Special Topics
INTO Modified Course AE 022: Level 2-3 Special Topics
INTO Modified Course AE 032: Level 3-4 Special Topics
INTO Modified Course AE 042: Level 4-5 Special Topics
INTO Modified Course AE 052: Level 5-6 Special Topics
INTO Modified Course AE 062: Level 6-7 Special Topics
INTO Modified Course AE 072: Level 6-7-8 Special Topics
PROV Modified Course UNIV 303: Veteran Transition


COS Inactivated Course MATH 112: Discrete Mathematics for IT



BUS Modified Program : School of Business Requirements and Academic Policies
BUS Modified Program BU-BS-BUS: Business, BS
BUS Modified Program BU-CERB-ACCT: Accounting Undergraduate Certificate
BUS Modified Program IB: International Business Minor
BUS Modified Program REAL: Real Estate Development Minor
COS Modified Program SC-BS-EVSC: Environmental Science, BS
CEC Modified Program BIOE: Bioengineering Minor
CEC Modified Program EC-BS-CPE: Computer Engineering, BS
CEC Modified Program EC-BS-ELEN: Electrical Engineering, BS
CEC Modified Program ECE: Electrical and Computer Engineering Minor
CEC Modified Program INFT: Information Technology Minor
CEHD Modified Program E1-BSED-PHED: Physical Education, BSEd
CEHD Modified Program E1-BS-SPMG: Sport Management, BS
CHHS Modified Program HH-BS-COMH: Community Health, BS
CHHS Modified Program HH-BS-HINF: Health Informatics, BS
CHHS Modified Program HIT: Health Information Technology Minor
CHSS Modified Program : Anthropology, BA/Anthropology, Accelerated MA
CHSS Modified Program : Bachelor’s Degree (any)/Interdisciplinary Studies, Accelerated MAIS (War and the Military in Society Concentration)
CHSS Modified Program CLA: Classical Studies Minor
CHSS Modified Program CLPY: Clinical Psychology Minor
CHSS Modified Program CLS: Criminology, Law and Society Minor
CHSS Modified Program COM: Communication Minor
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-CLS: Criminology, Law and Society, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-ECON: Economics, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-ENGL: English, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-FRLN: Foreign Languages, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-GLOA: Global Affairs, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-PSYC: Psychology, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-RELI: Religious Studies, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-REST: Russian and Eurasian Studies, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-SOCI: Sociology, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BIS-INDV: Individualized Study, BIS
CHSS Modified Program LA-BS-CLS: Criminology, Law and Society, BS
CHSS Modified Program LA-BS-ECON: Economics, BS
CHSS Modified Program LA-BS-PSYC: Psychology, BS
CHSS Modified Program PHSC: Philosophy for Social Change Minor
CHSS Modified Program SC-BS-AOES: Atmospheric Sciences, BS
COS Modified Program : Biology, BS/Biology, Accelerated MS
COS Modified Program ESCI: Earth Science Minor
COS Modified Program GEOG: Geography Minor
COS Modified Program GIS: Geographic Information Systems Minor
COS Modified Program SC-BS-BIOL: Biology, BS
COS Modified Program SC-BS-CHEM: Chemistry, BS
COS Modified Program SC-BS-GEOL: Geology, BS
COS Modified Program SC-BS-MATH: Mathematics, BS
CVPA Modified Program : School of Music: Applied Music Options
CVPA Modified Program AR-BA-FAVS: Film and Video Studies, BA
CVPA Modified Program AR-BA-THR: Theater, BA
CVPA Modified Program AR-BFA-THR: Theater, BFA
CVPA Modified Program AR-BM-MUSI: Music, BM
CVPA Modified Program DNCW: World Dance Minor
CVPA Modified Program MTEC: Music Technology Minor
CVPA Modified Program Music, BM (Performance)/Music, Accelerated MM (Performance) * Graduate Council FYI


CEC Modified Course CEIE 203: Geomatics and Engineering Graphics
CEC Modified Course CYSE 425: Secure RF Communications
CEC Modified Course ECE 333: Linear Electronics I
CEC Modified Course ECE 350: Embedded Systems and Hardware Interfaces
CEC Modified Course ECE 370: Robot Design
CEC Modified Course ECE 445: Computer Organization
CEC Modified Course ECE 465: Computer Networking Protocols
CEC Modified Course ME 151: Practicum in Engineering
CEC Modified Course ME 432: Systems Dynamics and Controls
CEHD Modified Course ECED 412: Language and Literacy Assessment and Instruction for Diverse Primary Grade Learners
CEHD Modified Course RECR 101: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Intermediate
CEHD Modified Course RECR 103: Judo: Intermediate
CHHS Modified Course SOCW 410: Substance Use, Misuse, and Disorder: Programs and Policies
COS Modified Course BIOL 334: Vertebrate Paleontology
COS Modified Course BIOL 336: Invertebrate Paleontology
COS Modified Course GEOL 303: Field Mapping Techniques
COS Modified Course GGS 308: Field Mapping Techniques
COS Modified Course GGS 426: Physical Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
CVPA Modified Course CVPA 101: The Arts and the Public Purpose
CVPA Modified Course DANC 118: Global Dance Perspectives I
CVPA Modified Course DANC 119: Dance in Popular Culture
CVPA Modified Course DANC 435: Advanced Modern/ Contemporary Dance II
CVPA Modified Course THR 150: Global Ancient Theater History
CVPA Modified Course THR 151: Global Medieval Theater History
CVPA Modified Course THR 196: Production Practicum
CVPA Modified Course THR 197: Literary Management Practicum
CVPA Modified Course THR 198: Construction or Admin Practicum
CVPA Modified Course THR 199: Production Run Crew Practicum
CVPA Modified Course THR 493: Collaborative Lab Experience
PROV Modified Course UNIV 150: First Year Learning Communities
PROV Modified Course UNIV 151: First Year Learning Communities Extended Transition


CEHD Inactivated Course RECR 122: Exploring Outdoor Adventure
CHHS Inactivated Course RHBS 201: Introduction to Rehabilitation Science
CHHS Inactivated Course RHBS 270: Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology I
CHHS Inactivated Course RHBS 271: Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology II
CHHS Inactivated Course RHBS 410: Physical Activity and Public Health
COS Inactivated Course GGS 319: Air Pollution
COS Inactivated Course GGS 456: Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation
COS Inactivated Course GGS 490: Practicum in Geographical Applications
COS Inactivated Course GGS 495: GGS Senior Research Project
CVPA Inactivated Course DANC 404: Intermediate Ballet I
CVPA Inactivated Course DANC 405: Intermediate Modern/Contemporary Dance II
CVPA Inactivated Course DANC 414: Intermediate Ballet II
CVPA Inactivated Course DANC 415: Intermediate Modern/Contemporary II