April 6, 2021

April UGC Agenda

Wednesday, April 21, 2020 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion

-Reminder: Vaccinations available to students this Wednesday and Friday! 

-Supriya Baily will make a presentation for COACHE

-Aysha will make a presentation for the Living Learning Communities

-Susan Woodruff will give a quick SCHEV update AA-IIH-Review of Program Announcements3

-Quentin Alexander will give updates from the Office of Academic Advising

-Fulbright Information: Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program | Fulbright Scholar Program (cies.org)

-Bethany and Sarah:  Discussion about updating AP.5.2.4 Termination from the Major https://catalog.gmu.edu/policies/academic/undergraduate-policies/#ap-5-2-4

Action Items


INTO Modified Program IN-BA-P001,IN-BS-P001,IN-BFA-P001,IN-BPRE-P001: INTO-Mason: Humanities and Social Sciences
INTO Modified Program IN-BA-P003,IN-BPRE-P003,IN-BS-P003,IN-BSW-P003: INTO-Mason: Human and Social Development
INTO Modified Program IN-BPRE-P005,IN-BS-P005: INTO-Mason: Engineering, Computer Science, and Statistics
INTO Modified Program IN-BS-P004,IN-BPRE-P004: INTO-Mason: Business


CEHD New Course EAP 116: English & Disciplinary Skills for Multilingual Students
COS New Course GEOL 109: Introduction to Oceanography
COS New Course GEOL 110: Introduction to Oceanography Lab
COS New Course GEOL 340: Modern Methods in Geology
VSE New Course CM 301: Structural and Infrastructure Systems


CHSS Modified Course ENGH 302: Advanced Composition



CVPA Modified Program AR-BA-AVT: Art and Visual Technology, BA
CVPA Modified Program AR-BFA-AVT: Art and Visual Technology, BFA


CEHD Modified Course EDSE 419: Braille Reading and Writing
COS Modified Course BIOL 309: Oceanography
COS Modified Course BIOL 334: Vertebrate Paleontology
COS Modified Course CLIM 301: Weather Analysis and Prediction
COS Modified Course EVSC: Environmental Science Minor
COS Modified Course GEOL 308: Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
COS Modified Course GEOL 312: Invertebrate Paleontology
COS Modified Course GEOL 334: Vertebrate Paleontology
COS Modified Course GEOL 401: Structural Geology
COS Modified Course SC-BS-AOES: Atmospheric Sciences, BS
COS Modified Course SC-BS-GEOL: Geology, BS
CVPA Modified Course AR-BA-FAVS: Film and Video Studies, BA
VSE Modified Course ME 447: Computer-Aided Design


VSE Inactivated Course IT 441: Network Servers and Infrastructures
VSE Inactivated Course IT 491: Introduction to Applied Natural Language Processing