May 6, 2021

May 2021 UGC Agenda

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion

-SCHEV update from Susan Woodruff

– Registrar’s Office : Discussion about upper and lower division transfer courses

-Advising updates from Quentin Alexander

Action Items


UNIV New Program : Individualized Minor


BUS Modified Program MIS: Management Information Systems Minor
CHHS Modified Program HH-BS-HINF: Health Informatics, BS


CHSS New Course GLOA 387: Human Security, Globalization, and Development
COS New Course COS 100: Introduction to Science as Profession
COS* New Course GEOL 109: Introduction to Oceanography
COS* New Course GEOL 110: Introduction to Oceanography Lab
COS New Course MATH 462: Mathematics of Machine Learning and Industrial Applications I
COS New Course MATH 463: Mathematics of Machine Learning and Industrial Applications II
COS New Course MATH 464: Linear Algebra with Data Applications
COS New Course MATH 465: Mathematics of Data Science
INTO New Course EAP 410: Language Support for International Students
INTO New Course EAP 411: Language Support for International Business Students
PROV New Course UNIV 492: Capstone for Individualized Minor
VSE New Course CEIE 473: Legal Aspects of the Construction Process

*Proposal held until Fall 2021


COS Modified Course MATH 442: Stochastic Operations Research
COS Modified Course PHYS 306: Wave Motion and Electromagnetic Radiation



CHHS Modified Program HH-BSN-NURS: Nursing, BSN


BUS Modified Course ACCT 370: International Accounting
CHSS Modified Course COMM 308: Writing for Public Relations


BUS Inactivated Course ACCT 330: Financial Accounting I
BUS Inactivated Course OM 303: Operations Management
BUS Inactivated Course OM 320: Supply Chain Management in a Global Economy
BUS Inactivated Course OM 352: Management Science
BUS Inactivated Course OM 435: Business Process Analysis and Simulation
BUS Inactivated Course OM 452: Business Forecasting
BUS Inactivated Course OM 456: Quality Management
BUS Inactivated Course OM 462: Honors Seminar in Operations Management (Topic Varies)
BUS Inactivated Course OM 491: Seminar in Operations Management
BUS Inactivated Course OM 492: Internship in Operations Management
BUS Inactivated Course OM 493: Management of Technology Projects
BUS Inactivated Course OM 499: Independent Study in Operations Management
VSE Inactivated Course CYSE 325: Discrete Events Systems Modeling