December 2023 UGC Agenda


Wednesday, December 13, 2023 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion

 Administrative Updates

SCHEV  Updates:  Susan Woodruff

Registrar Updates: Tom Butler

Mason Core Updates: Laura Poms

III. New Business

Action Items


COS New Program : Mathematics for Costello College of Business Students Minor
INTO New Program : International Direct Undergraduate Pathways: Human and Social Development


CCB Modified Program : Bachelor’s Degree (any)/Management, Accelerated MS


COS Inactivated Program MBUS: Mathematics for School of Business Students Minor


CEC New Course CEIE 441: Engineering for Climate Adaptation
CEC New Course CEIE 445: Flood Hazards Engineering and Adaptation
CEC New Course CEIE 451: Air Pollution Formation and Control
CEC New Course CEIE 452: Climate Change Engineering and Policy
CEC New Course ECE 412: Renewable Energy Lab
CEC New Course ME 409: Data Center Engineering
CEC New Course ME 410: Biosafety Laboratories
CEC New Course (held for Jan) ME 422: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Mechanical Engineers
CEC New Course ME 423: Microfluidics
CEC New Course SYST 375: Engineering Economy
CEC New Course SYST 440: Digital Twin for Systems and Industrial Engineering
CEC New Course SYST 475: Production Systems Analysis
CHSS New Course ANTH 136: Introduction to Biological Anthropology Lab
CHSS New Course HIST 330: History of Crime in the Modern United States
CHSS New Course HIST 346: Sport History and Film
CHSS New Course HIST 376: Cold War America
CHSS New Course KORE 350: Korean Cinema in Global Contexts
CHSS New Course KORE 460: Gender and Society of Korea
CHSS New Course PSYC 351: Introduction to Health Psychology
*CHSS New Course HIST 379: History of the Climate Crisis (new number, existing course)


CEC Modified Course IT 331: Front-End Web Development
CHSS Modified Course INTS 401: Conservation Biology
CHSS Modified Course INTS 403: Conservation Behavior


CPH Inactivated Course GCH 480: Health Maintenance and Health Aspects of Aging



CEC Modified Program EC-BS-ACS: Applied Computer Science, BS
CEC Modified Program EC-BS-ELEN: Electrical Engineering, BS
COS Modified Program SC-BS-CDS: Computational and Data Sciences, BS
COS Modified Program SC-BS-MATH: Mathematics, BS


CEC Modified Course CEIE 301: Engineering and Economic Models in Civil Engineering
CEC Modified Course CS 452: Virtual Reality
CEC Modified Course ECE 240: C Programming for Engineers
CEC Modified Course ECE 340: Data Structures and Systems Programming in C
CEC Modified Course ECE 370: Introduction to Robotics
CEC Modified Course IT 431: Advanced Web Development
CEC Modified Course ME 443: Mechanical Design I
CEC Modified Course SWE 401: Internship Reflection
CEC Modified Course SYST 101: Understanding Systems and Industrial Engineering
CEC Modified Course SYST 330: Systems Methods
CEC Modified Course SYST 395: Applied Systems and Industrial Engineering
CEHD Modified Course EDSE 452: Intersectionality and Disability
CVPA Modified Course FAVS 367: Radical Camera
INTO Modified Course EAP 401: Advanced English Grammar for Multilingual Students


CEC Inactivated Course CS 332: Object-Oriented Software Design and Implementation
CEC Inactivated Course SWE 332: Object-Oriented Software Design and Implementation
CEC Inactivated Course SYST 480: Economic Systems Design I: Principles and Experiments
CPH Inactivated Course GCH 320: Community Health and Literature