November 2016 UGC Agenda

NOVEMBER 2016 Agenda and Minutes

Wednesday, November 9th
3:00 PM to 4:30 PM


I.  Call to Order

II. Announcements/Discussion

  • Discussion of difference between ACTION and ANNOUNCEMENT submissions

III. New Business

Proposals from the School of Business (going first as Patrick must leave early)
Contact Person: Patrick Soleymani, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs

New Courses (ACTION ITEMS):

  • MIS 410 Advanced Database Systems
  • MIS 415  Information Systems Audit and Control
  • MIS 420 Information Systems Security and Assurance

Inactivate Courses (ANNOUNCEMENT):

  • MIS 411 Management and Control of Information Systems
  • MIS 435 Knowledge Management
  • MIS 440 E-Commerce Business Models and Applications

Proposals from the College of Education and Human Development
Contact Person: Ellen Rodgers, Associate Dean, Student and Academic Affairs

New Minor (ACTION ITEM): 

  • Minor Sport Analytics (withdrawn)

Modify Program (ANNOUNCEMENT):

Modify Courses (ANNOUNCEMENT):

Delete Courses (ANNOUNCEMENT):

  • EDSE 405Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education
  • EDSE 415 Early Intervention for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities: Collaborative and
    Current Consultative Approaches
  • EDSE 456 Language Development and Communication for Diverse Infants and Toddlers
  • EDSE 458 Medical Aspects of Physical and Sensory Disabilities in Young Children
  • EDSE 459 Curriculum and Methods: Early Childhood Special Education


Proposal from the College of Health and Human Services
Contact Person: Cathy Tompkins, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies,

New Course (ACTION ITEM): 

Modified Program (ANNOUNCEMENT):


Proposal from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Contact Person: Vita Vock, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

New Course (ACTION ITEM):

  • INTS 417 Human Trafficking and the International Community

Introduction of Course to Non-Western Culture List (ACTION ITEM): 

  • ARAB 360 Topics in Arabic Cultural Production

Modified Programs (ANNOUNCEMENTS):

Deleted Programs (ANNOUNCEMENT):

Modified Course (ANNOUNCEMENT):


Proposals from the College of Visual and Performing Arts
Contact Person: Nicole Springer, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs

New Programs (ACTION ITEM):

New Courses (ACTION ITEMS):

Modified Programs (ANNOUNCEMENTS):

Modified Courses (ANNOUNCEMENTS):


Proposal from the College of Science
Contact Person: Dr. Kevin Curtin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

New Courses (ACTION ITEM):


  • BIOL 401 Phage Discovery
  • BIOL 412 Phage Genomics
  • BIOL 442 Urban Ecosystems and Processes
  • FRSC 401 Crime Scene Investigations
  • FRSC 406 Forensic Internship
  • FRSC 499 Comprehensive Examination
  • PHYS 465 Planetary Atmospheres and Ionospheres (note: a new faculty member wants to study this subject)

Modified Programs (ANNOUNCEMENT):

Modified Courses (ANNOUNCEMENT):

Proposal from Volgenau School of Engineering
Contact Person: Pelin Kurtay, Associate Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Modified Programs (ANNOUNCEMENT):

Modified Courses (ANNOUNCEMENT):

  • ECE 491 Engineering Seminar
  • ECE 492 Senior Advanced Design Project I
  • STAT 462 Applied Multivariate Statistics
  • STAT 463Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis
  • SYST 495Senior Design Project II

Proposal from the Center for Academic Advising, Retention and Transitions
Contact Person: Ann Lewis, Assistant Dean

New Course (ACTION ITEM): 

Proposal from INTO Mason
Contact Person: Nicole J. Harris-Sealey, Academic Director

Modified Program (ANNOUNCEMENT):

IV. Adjournment