September 2016 UGC Agenda

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I. Call to Order

II. Announcements/Discussion

  • Processes
  • Courseleaf Update
  • Certificate Approval Process

IIINew Business

Proposal from the College of Education and Human Development Contact Person: Dr. Ellen Rodgers, 3-2034,

New Courses (ACTION ITEM):

  • SPMT425 Sport Analytics
  • TOUR314 Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Revenue Management

Modified Programs (Announcement):

Modified Courses (Announcement):

  • ATEP120 First Aid and Emergency Care
  • ATEP300 Functional Anatomy
  • ATEP310 Advanced Functional Anatomy
  • ATEP320 Therapeutic Interventions Foundations
  • ATEP325 Athletic Training Foundations
  • ATEP330 Emergency Procedures for Athletic Trainers
  • ATEP340 Lower Body Physical Assessment
  • ATEP345 Athletic Training Clinical Techniques I
  • ATEP351 Lower Body Therapeutic Interventions
  • ATEP354 Athletic Training Clinical Techniques 2
  • ATEP361 Upper Body Therapeutic Interventions
  • ATEP365 Athletic Training Clinical Techniques 4
  • ATEP367 Athletic Training Practicum 1
  • ATEP370 Upper Body Physical Assessment
  • ATEP375 Athletic Training Clinical Techniques 3
  • ATEP400 Pathopharmacology
  • ATEP450 Administration and Management in Athletic Training
  • ATEP457 Athletic Training Practicum 2
  • ATEP460 Pediatric Sports Medicine
  • ATEP466 Athletic Training Practicum 3
  • ATEP470 Post Rehabilitative Therapeutic Interventions
  • ATEP476 Athletic Training Practicum 4
  • ATEP480 Athletic Training Research
  • ATEP486 Athletic Training Practicum 5
  • KINE370 Exercise Testing and Evaluation
  • KINE380 Exercise Prescription and Programming for Special Populations
  • KINE450 Research Methods
  • PRLS310 Program Planning and Evaluation
  • PRLS317 Social Psychology of Play and Recreation
  • PRLS410 Administration of SRT Organizations I
  • PRLS411 Administration of SRT Organizations II
  • PRLS460 Sport and Recreation Law
  • PRLS480 Special Topics in Recreation Management
  • SPMT 490  Internship
  • SPMT420 Economics and Finance in the Sport Industry
  • SPMT455 Governance and Policy in Sport Organizations

Course Deletions (Announcement):

  • PHED118 Advanced Life Guarding
  • PHED128 Fencing II
  • PHED146 Introduction to Badminton
  • PHED155 Introduction to Springboard Diving
  • PHED156 Intermediate Springboard Diving
  • PHED157 Aikido for Men and Women
  • PHED158 Underwater Hockey
  • PHED167 Advanced Concepts and Strategies in Bowling
  • PHED176 Introduction to Cricket
  • PHED250 Water Safety Instruction
  • PRLS195 Introduction to Hot Air Ballooning

Proposal from the College of Science Contact Person: Dr. Kevin Curtin, 3-4243,

Modified Course (ANNOUNCEMENT):

  • MLAB401 Orientation to the Problems and Practices of the Clinical Laboratory
  • MLAB402 Clinical Hematology and Coagulation
  • MLAB403 Clinical Microscopy
  • MLAB404 Serology and Immunohematology
  • MLAB405 Clinical Microbiology
  • MLAB406 Clinical Chemistry

Proposal from INTO Mason Contact Person: Nicole J. Harris-Sealey, Academic Director, 3-3378,
EAP stands for “English for Academic Purposes.” EAP 100 is a level above ESL courses; it is a special topics elective credit course. EAP 100 is a prerequisite to English 100. Dr. Harris-Sealey provided a syllabus as an example. Language support courses such as EAP 100 run concurrently with credit-bearing undergraduate content course.

New Course (ACTION ITEM): Approved.

Proposal from School of Business Contact Person: Anne Magro, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 3-1765

Modified Program (ANNOUNCEMENT):