November 2019 UGC Agenda

Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion

IIINew Business

Action Items


CHHS New Program : Senior Housing Management Undergraduate Certificate
CHHS New Program : Medical Practice Management Undergraduate Certificate


CHSS Modified Program LA-BIS-INDV: Individualized Study, BIS


BUS New Course ACCT 465: Advanced Accounting Analytics
BUS New Course MIS 350: Programming for Business Applications
BUS New Course MKTG 316: Social Media Marketing Strategy
BUS New Course MKTG 355: Direct Marketing
CEHD New Course EDRS 220: Introduction to Applied Quantitative Analysis- ****PULLED Pending VSE/STAT/CEHD discussion***
CEHD New Course ELED 242: Foundations of Elementary Education
CHSS New Course KORE 332: Special Topics in Advanced Korean Speaking
CHSS New Course SOCI 371: The Individual and Society
COS New Course FRSC 305: Forensic Chemistry Laboratory
COS New Course FRSC 418: Analytical Thinking and Violent Crime Profiling
COS New Course FRSC 450: Casework in Forensic Anthropology    ****PULLED Pending COS/CHSS discussion***
COS New Course GEOL 441: Great Events in Earth History
CVPA New Course THR 422: Advanced Performance Practicum
VSE New Course ECE 231: Digital System Design
VSE New Course ECE 232: Digital Electronics and Logic Design Lab
VSE New Course ECE 321: Continuous-Time Signals and Systems
VSE New Course IT 442: Cloud Infrastructure
VSE New Course IT 451: Cloud Services Management
VSE New Course IT 461: Application Development in Cloud 
VSE New Course ME 447: Computer Design


BUS Modified Course MIS 330: Systems Analysis and Design
BUS Modified Course MIS 410: Advanced Database Systems
BUS Modified Course MIS 430: Data Warehousing
BUS Modified Course OM 303: Operations Management
BUS Modified Course OSCM 303: Operations Management
CHSS Modified Course COMM 490: Honors Research Methods in Communication
CHSS Modified Course ENGH 302: Advanced Composition
CHSS Modified Course HIST 499: RS: Senior Seminar in History
CHSS Modified Course INTS 417: Human Trafficking and Smuggling
VSE Modified Course CEIE 301: Engineering and Economic Models in Civil Engineering
VSE Modified Course IT 471: Big Data on Cloud Systems 
VSE Modified Course IT 481: Cloud Security


CHSS Inactivated Course INTS 318: Exploring Virginia’s Watersheds
CHSS Inactivated Course INTS 338: Animal Rights and Humane Education
CHSS Inactivated Course INTS 446: Art, Beauty, and Culture



COS Modified Program SC-BS-FRSC: Forensic Science, BS
COS Modified Program SC-CERB-PMCL: Pre-Medical Undergraduate Certificate


BUS Modified Course ACCT 493: Financial Planning and Wealth Management Capstone Internship
BUS Modified Course FNAN 390: Introduction to Financial Planning and Wealth Management
BUS Modified Course FNAN 493: Financial Planning and Wealth Management Capstone Internship
CHSS Modified Course AFAM 490: Internship
CHSS Modified Course ANTH 495: Internship
CHSS Modified Course COMM 400: Research Methods in Communication
CHSS Modified Course COMM 490: Honors Research Methods in Communication
CHSS Modified Course INTS 417: Human Trafficking and Smuggling
COS Modified Course GGS 307: Geographic Approaches for Sustainable Development
COS Modified Course PHYS 416: Undergraduate Physics Review
CVPA Modified Course THR 492: Advanced Practicum
VSE Modified Course BENG 230: Continuum Biomechanics and Transport I

****PULLED Pending VSE/COS discussion***

VSE Modified Course BENG 370: Bioinstrumentation and Devices I

****PULLED Pending VSE/COS discussion***

VSE Modified Course BENG 426: Neural Engineering
VSE Modified Course BENG 437: Medical Image Processing
VSE Modified Course IT 216: Systems Analysis and Design


BUS Inactivated Course ACCT 362: Advanced Accounting Analytics
CHSS Inactivated Course HIST 337: Race and Gender in American Sports
CHSS Inactivated Course HIST 338: History of College Athletics
CHSS Inactivated Course INTS 308: American Landscapes in Fiction, Film, and History
CHSS Inactivated Course INTS 345: Introduction to Multimedia
CHSS Inactivated Course INTS 445: Multimedia Design
CHSS Inactivated Course WMST 316: Gendered Pan-Africanism
CHSS Inactivated Course WMST 405: Social Dynamics of Family Violence

IV.  Adjournment


College/SchoolContact TitlePhoneEmail
INTO MASONDr. Karyn KesslerAssociate Director, Curriculum and
THE OFFICE OF THE PROVOSTMs. Jacquelyn L. NashAssociate Director, Undergraduate
THE OFFICE OF THE PROVOSTMs. Marcy GloverOps Mgr, Acad Initiatives and Services/
THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSDr. Patrick SoleymaniAssistant Dean for Undergraduate
THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENTDr. Ellen RodgersAssociate Dean, Student and Academic
THE COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICESDr. Robert WeilerAssociate Dean, Academic Affairs, Global
THE COLLEGE OF SCIENCEDr. Padmanabhan SeshaiyerAssociate Dean for Academic
THE COLLEGE OF VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS Dr. Karen ReedyAssoc Dean for Undergraduate
THE HONORS COLLEGEDr. Jan AllbeckAssociate Dean, Honors
THE SCHAR SCHOOL OF POLICY AND GOVERNMENTDr. Ann LudwickAssistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic
THE SCHOOL FOR CONFLICT ANALYSIS AND RESOLUTIONDr. Mara SchoenyAssociate Professor, Director, Undergraduate
THE VOLGENAU SCHOOL OF ENGINEERINGDr. Colin ReagleAssistant Professor, Mechanical