October UGC Agenda

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion 

Update from Title IX

Grand Engineering Challenges

Mason Core and Program Requirements (VSE)

Action Items


PROV Modified Program UN-BS-BDCO: Biodiversity Conservation, BS


BUS New Course MKTG 335: Strategic Brand Management
CHSS New Course PSYC 410: The Psychology of Environmental Stewardship
CHSS New Course RELI 271: The Bible as Literature
CHSS New Course RELI 300: Theories and Methods in Religious Studies
COS New Course BIOL 429: Biological Foundations of Pharmacology
COS New Course CHEM 472: Modern Polymer Chemistry
COS New Course GGS 426: Physical Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
COS New Course GGS 429: Remote Sensing of the Environment and Earth System
COS New Course PHYS 411: Renewable Energy Internship
VSE New Course BENG 314: Pathophysiology and the Role of New Technologies in Human Diseases
VSE New Course BENG 375: Intellectual Property, Regulatory Concepts and Product Development
VSE New Course ME 421: HVAC Design
VSE New Course ME 425: Renewable Energy Engineering
VSE New Course ME 475: Aeronautics I
VSE New Course ME 476: Aeronautics II


CHSS      Modified                        Course                           CRIM 304: Computer Crime, Forensics, and Auditing

VSE Modified Course BENG 320: Bioengineering Signals and Systems
VSE Modified Course ECE 492: Senior Advanced Design Project I
VSE Modified Course IT 102: Discrete Structures
VSE Modified Course IT 300: Modern Telecommunications
VSE Modified Course IT 341: Data Communications and Network Principles
VSE Modified Course IT 488: Fundamentals of Satellite Communications



BUS Modified Program BU-BS-BUS: Business, BS
BUS Modified Program MKTG: Marketing Minor
CEHD Modified Program E1-BS-TEM: Tourism and Events Management, BS
VSE Modified Program ECE: Electrical and Computer Engineering Minor
VSE Modified Program INFT: Information Technology Minor
VSE Modified Program VS-BS-STIC: Statistics, BS


COS Modified Course FRSC 499: Comprehensive Examination
VSE Modified Course BENG 350: Neural System Designs
VSE Modified Course IT 461: Application Development in Cloud 
VSE Modified Course IT 471: Big Data on Cloud Systems 
VSE Modified Course IT 492: Senior Design Project I
VSE Modified Course STAT 489: Pre-Capstone Professional Development


VSE Inactivated Course ECE 220: Continuous-Time Signals and Systems
VSE Inactivated Course ECE 331: Digital System Design
VSE Inactivated Course ECE 332: Digital Electronics and Logic Design Lab