September 5, 2019

September 2019 UGC Agenda

Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion

  • Matthew Smith, Director of Accreditation, will give us an overview of  SACSCOC policy as it relates to UGC
  • Accessing and Analyzing Student Data to Help Inform Programs at Mason

IIINew Business

Action Items


VSE Modified Course ME 221: Thermodynamics


COS Inactivated Course PHYS 265: Intermediate University Physics Laboratory



CEHD Modified Program AT: Assistive Technology Minor
CEHD Modified Program VISB: Visual Impairment and Blindness Minor
COS Modified Program SC-BS-ASTR: Astronomy, BS


CHSS Inactivated Program PW: Professional Writing Minor


VSE Inactivated Course CEIE 304: Jr Engineering Competency Exam
CEHD Modified Course ELED 342: Foundations of Elementary Education
CEHD Modified Course ELED 401: Classroom Management and Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners
COS Modified Course ASTR 210: Introduction to Astrophysics
COS Modified Course ASTR 328: Stars
COS Modified Course ASTR 402: RS: Methods of Observational Astronomy
COS Modified Course ASTR 403: Planetary Science
COS Modified Course ASTR 480: The Interstellar Medium
COS Modified Course CDS 130: Computing for Scientists
COS Modified Course PHYS 225: Problems in Physics I
COS Modified Course PHYS 246: College Physics II Lab
COS Modified Course PHYS 251: Introduction to Computer Techniques in Physics
COS Modified Course PHYS 303: Classical Mechanics
COS Modified Course PHYS 305: Electromagnetic Theory
COS Modified Course PHYS 307: Thermal Physics
COS Modified Course PHYS 308: Modern Physics
COS Modified Course PHYS 310: Physics of Semiconductor Materials and Processing
COS Modified Course PHYS 326: Problems in Physics II
COS Modified Course PHYS 331: Fundamentals of Renewable Energy
COS Modified Course PHYS 332: Solar Cells
COS Modified Course PHYS 402: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics
COS Modified Course PHYS 405: Honors Thesis in Physics I
COS Modified Course PHYS 408: Senior Research
COS Modified Course PHYS 409: Physics Internship
COS Modified Course PHYS 410: Computational Physics Capstone
COS Modified Course PHYS 416: Undergraduate Physics Review
COS Modified Course PHYS 440: Nuclear and Particle Physics
COS Modified Course PHYS 475: Atmospheric Physics
VSE Modified Course CEIE 360: Introduction to Transportation Engineering
VSE Modified Course CEIE 490: Senior Design Project
VSE Modified Course CS 306: Synthesis of Ethics and Law for the Computing Professional
VSE Modified Course CS 310: Data Structures
VSE Modified Course CS 321: Software Engineering
VSE Modified Course STAT 354: Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists II
VSE Modified Course STAT 362: Introduction to Computer Statistical Packages


VSE Inactivated Course CEIE 304: Jr Engineering Competency Exam


IV.  Adjournment


College/SchoolContact TitlePhoneEmail
INTO MASONDr. Karyn KesslerAssociate Director, Curriculum and
THE OFFICE OF THE PROVOSTMs. Jacquelyn L. NashAssociate Director, Undergraduate
THE OFFICE OF THE PROVOSTMs. Marcy GloverOps Mgr, Acad Initiatives and Services/
THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSDr. Patrick SoleymaniAssistant Dean for Undergraduate
THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENTDr. Ellen RodgersAssociate Dean, Student and Academic
THE COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICESDr. Robert WeilerAssociate Dean, Academic Affairs, Global
THE COLLEGE OF SCIENCEDr. Padmanabhan SeshaiyerAssociate Dean for Academic
THE COLLEGE OF VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS Dr. Karen ReedyAssoc Dean for Undergraduate
THE HONORS COLLEGEDr. Jan AllbeckAssociate Dean, Honors
THE SCHAR SCHOOL OF POLICY AND GOVERNMENTDr. Ann LudwickAssistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic
THE SCHOOL FOR CONFLICT ANALYSIS AND RESOLUTIONDr. Mara SchoenyAssociate Professor, Director, Undergraduate
THE VOLGENAU SCHOOL OF ENGINEERINGDr. Colin ReagleAssistant Professor, Mechanical