April 2018 Agenda

Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion

  • Updates on Mason Impact
  • Announcement from Priyanka Champaneri: Classroom availability during Robinson construction:
  • Academic SchedulingFAQs handout
  • RobinsonConstructionFAQs handout
  • Guests:
  • Rick Gray and Emilie Dubert from Mason Reads will be joining us to discuss their program
  • Ruth Townsend from the Office of Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics will discuss MAAPs (Mason Academic Accessibility Plans): MAAPs_handout

IIINew Business

Action Items


No New Programs Submitted


BUS-New Course- FNAN 492: Internship in Finance
PROV-New Course- INYO 101: Transition INTO Mason II
BUS-New Course- MGMT 492: Internship in Management
BUS-New Course- MIS 492: Internship in Management Information Systems
BUS-New Course MKTG 492: Internship in Marketing



BUS-Edited Course- MKTG 303: Principles of Marketing
COS-Edited Course- BIOL 309: Introduction to Oceanography
COS-Edited Course- CONS 496: Research in Conservation



BUS-Inactivate Course- ACCT 301: Financial Accounting and Managerial Decision Making
BUS-Inactivate Course- BULE 302: Legal Environment of Business
BUS-Inactivate Course- FNAN 301: Financial Management
BUS-Inactivate Course- MGMT 301: People and Organizations
BUS-Inactivate Course- MGMT 312: Principles and Practices of Management
BUS-Inactivate Course- MIS 102: Spreadsheet Applications for Business
BUS-Inactivate Course- MIS 301: Introduction to Business Information Systems
BUS-Inactivate Course- MKTG 301: Principles of Marketing
BUS-Inactivate Course- OM 210: Statistical Analysis for Management
BUS-Inactivate Course- OM 301: Operations Management
BUS-Inactivate Course- SOM 301: Business Models: A Communication Approach
CEHD-Inactivate Course- KINE 249: An Analysis of Boxing
CHSS-Inactivate Course- CHIN 109: Intensive Elementary Chinese
CHSS-Inactivate Course- CLAS 499: Senior Seminar in Classical Studies
CHSS-Inactivate Course- COMM 150: Communication Skills for International Students
CHSS-Inactivate Course- COMM 469: Structure of the Telecommunications Industry
CHSS-Inactivate Course- INTS 165: Independent Study
CHSS-Inactivate Course- INTS 194: Service-Learning Experience
CHSS-Inactivate Course- INTS 290: Internship
CHSS-Inactivate Course- INTS 493: Graduation Portfolio
CHSS-Inactivate Course- SPAN 486: Topics in Latin American Literature I: Pre-colonial to Mid-19th Century
COS-Inactivate Course- CHEM 333: Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences I
COS-Inactivate Course- CHEM 334: Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences II
COS-Inactivate Course- CONS 403: Ecology and Conservation Theory
COS-Inactivate Course- CONS 411: Science Communication for Conservation
COS-Inactivate Course- MATH 007: Prep Quant Rsng-In Class
COS-Inactivate Course- PHYS 101: Light and Sound in Our World
COS-Inactivate Course- PHYS 102: Sports Physics
COS-Inactivate Course- PHYS 121: Uses of Physics
CVPA-Inactivate Course- AVT 355: Color Photo Methods
CVPA-Inactivate Course- AVT 378: The African American Experience in the Performing Arts
CVPA-Inactivate Course- AVT 392: Gallery Practices
CVPA-Inactivate Course- AVT 445: Printmaking VI
CVPA-Inactivate Course- MUSI 104: Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music
CVPA-Inactivate Course- MUSI 105: Music in the United States
CVPA-Inactivate Course- MUSI 121: NonMaj PMI:First Instrum
CVPA-Inactivate Course- MUSI 122: NonMaj PMI:Secnd Instrum
CVPA-Inactivate Course- MUSI 321: Non-Major PMI
CVPA-Inactivate Course- MUSI 384: Symphonic Chorus
CVPA-Inactivate Course- MUSI 465: Selected Topics in Music Education
CVPA-Inactivate Course- THR 190: Special Topics
VSE-Inactivate Course- ENGR 202: Thermodynamics
VSE-Inactivate Course- IT 198: Independent Study in Information Technology



No Edited Programs Submitted


BUS-Edited Course ACCT 361: Accounting Analytics
CHSS-Edited Course- ARAB 300: Advanced Arabic
CHSS-Edited Course- ARAB 330: Reading and Conversation I
CHSS-Edited Course- ARAB 331: Reading and Conversation II
CHSS-Edited Course- ARAB 380: Arabic Dialects
CHSS-Edited Course- ARAB 498: Independent Study
CVPA-Edited Course- AVT 313: Editorial Design
CVPA-Edited Course- AVT 412: Advanced Typography
COS-Edited Course- BIOL 350: Freshwater Ecosystems
COS-Edited Course- BIOL 355: Ecological Engineering and Ecosystem Restoration
COS-Edited Course- BIOL 402: Applied and Industrial Microbiology
COS-Edited Course- BIOL 403: Techniques in Applied and Industrial Microbiology
PROV-Edited Course- EAP 100: Special Topics
CVPA-Edited Course- FAVS 475: Advanced Fiction Directing
COS-Edited Course- PHYS 410: Computational Physics Capstone

Survey Results for UGC April

IV.  Adjournment


College/SchoolContact TitlePhoneEmail
INTO MASONDr. Karyn KesslerAssociate Director, Curriculum and
THE OFFICE OF THE PROVOSTMs. Jacquelyn L. NashAssociate Director, Undergraduate
THE OFFICE OF THE PROVOSTMs. Marcy GloverOps Mgr, Acad Initiatives and Services/
THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSDr. Patrick SoleymaniAssistant Dean for Undergraduate
THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENTDr. Ellen RodgersAssociate Dean, Student and Academic
THE COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICESDr. Robert WeilerAssociate Dean, Academic Affairs, Global
THE COLLEGE OF SCIENCEDr. Padmanabhan SeshaiyerAssociate Dean for Academic
THE COLLEGE OF VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS Dr. Karen ReedyAssoc Dean for Undergraduate
THE HONORS COLLEGEDr. Jan AllbeckAssociate Dean, Honors
THE SCHAR SCHOOL OF POLICY AND GOVERNMENTDr. Ann LudwickAssistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic
THE SCHOOL FOR CONFLICT ANALYSIS AND RESOLUTIONDr. Mara SchoenyAssociate Professor, Director, Undergraduate
THE VOLGENAU SCHOOL OF ENGINEERINGDr. Colin ReagleAssistant Professor, Mechanical