January 2023 UGC Meeting


Wednesday, January 18, 2023 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion

 Administrative Updates

SACSCOC Updates:

SCHEV  Updates:  Susan Woodruff

Registrar Updates: Tom Butler


  • Introduction: Director of Fellowships Megan Bruening
  • 4 Year Plans
  • Mason Core Updates
  • Student Academic Success Presentations:
  • CEHD Minor and guests:
    • Min Park: Academic Coordinator for Tourism and Events
    • Frank Kuhns:  Co-owner of Settle Down Easy Brewery and CEHD adjunct faculty member: Introduction to Wine and Craft Beverage Management

      Hannah White: CEHD and SRTM Communications and Marketing Director

      Hannah Miles: Settle Down Easy Brewery employee and Mason alum

III. New Business

Action Items


CHSS Modified Program LGBT: LGBTQ Studies Minor
COS Modified Program NEUR: Neuroscience Minor
COS Modified Program RNRG: Renewable Energy Interdisciplinary Minor
COS Modified Program SC-BS-EVSC: Environmental Science, BS


CEC New Course ME 413: A Seat at the Table
CEHD New Course EDEP 497: Special Topics in Educational Psychology
CEHD New Course EDSE 230: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
COS New Course GEOL 120: The Changing Ocean
COS New Course GEOL 121: The Changing Ocean Laboratory
COS New Course RENE 131: Introduction to Renewable Energy
COS New Course RENE 411: Renewable Energy Internship



CHSS Modified Course HDFS 498: Internship and Analysis in Human Development and Family Science
CHSS Modified Course INTS 294: Service-Learning Experience
CHSS Modified Course INTS 317: Issues in Family Relationships
CHSS Modified Course INTS 394: Service-Learning Experience
COS Modified Course MATH 111: Linear Mathematical Modeling
COS Modified Course PHYS 251: Introduction to Computer Methods in Physics
COS Modified Course PHYS 325: Intermediate Computer Methods in Physics




BUS Modified Program FNAN: Finance Minor
CPH Modified Program HH-BSW-SOCW: Social Work, BSW
COS Modified Program ASTR: Astronomy Minor


CEC Modified Course CS 211: Object-Oriented Programming
CEC Modified Course ME 313: Material Science
CEC Modified Course ME 341: Design of Mechanical Elements
CEC Modified Course ME 351: Analytical Methods in Engineering
CEHD Modified Course ELED 459: Researching Problems of Practice in Elementary Education
CHSS Modified Course ANTH 389: Human Osteology Lab
CHSS Modified Course ANTH 490: History of Anthropological Theory
CHSS Modified Course ENGH 322: Introduction to Shakespeare
CHSS Modified Course ENGH 416: Folklore and Migration
CHSS Modified Course FREN 370: French Civilization, Culture, and Literature: Ancient Gaul to 1789
CHSS Modified Course FREN 371: French Civilization, Culture, and Literature: 1789 to the Present
CHSS Modified Course FREN 451: Topics in Francophone African Literature and Culture
CHSS Modified Course INTS 400: Temptress: Sexuality and Power
CHSS Modified Course INTS 491: Senior Capstone
CVPA Modified Course THR 300: Voice and Speech
CVPA Modified Course THR 303: Movement for Actors
CVPA Modified Course THR 305: Unarmed Stage Combat
CVPA Modified Course THR 306: Movement in Musical Theater
CVPA Modified Course THR 310: Acting II
CVPA Modified Course THR 321: Acting Shakespeare
CVPA Modified Course THR 340: Advanced Studies in Directing
CVPA Modified Course THR 365: Characterization
CVPA Modified Course THR 405: Advanced Stage Combat
CVPA Modified Course THR 420: Advanced Performance Studio
CVPA Modified Course THR 421: One-Person Show



BUS Inactivated Course ACCT 320: Introduction to Government Accounting
CHSS Inactivated Course ARTH 386: The Silk Road
COS Inactivated Course FRSC 420: Forensic Toxicology