March 2023 UGC Agenda


Wednesday, March 15, 2023 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion

 Administrative Updates

  • Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Update
  • Sales Force Implementation
  • Guest: Lubna Zia-Uddin, Exploratory Academic Advisor
  • Guest: Adrienne White, Director, Student Success Coaching
  • SCHEV  Updates:  Susan Woodruff
  • Registrar Updates: Tom Butler
  • Mason Core Updates:
    • Mason Core Capstone/Synthesis Discussion
    • Foundation and Exploration Waivers (Transfer students with Associates Degrees)
  • Student Academic Success Presentations:
    • Carter

III. New Business

Action Items


CEC New Program : Sustainable Systems Engineering Minor
CEHD New Program : Personal Health and Wellness Minor
CHSS New Program : Community and Public Writing Minor
CHSS New Program : Ethics and AI Minor
CPH New Program HH-BS-PUBH: Public Health, BS
CVPA New Program : Global Dance Minor  (new title, existing program)


CEC Modified Program EC-BS-CS: Computer Science, BS
CEC Modified Program EC-CERB-CS: Computer Science Undergraduate Certificate
CVPA Modified Program AR-BFA-DANC: Dance, BFA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BIS-INDV: Individualized Study, BIS
CHSS Modified Program PCOM: Political Communication Minor
CVPA Modified Program DNCA: Dance Appreciation Minor
INTO Modified Program IN-BPRE-P005,IN-BS-P005: INTO-Mason: Engineering, Computer Science, and Statistics Undergraduate Pathways
INTO Modified Program IN-BPRE-P016: INTO-Mason: General Exploratory
INTO Modified Program IN-BS-P004,IN-BPRE-P004: INTO-Mason: Business Undergraduate Pathways
INTO Modified Program IN-BS-P004,IN-BPRE-P004: INTO-Mason: Business Undergraduate Pathways


CEHD New Course ECED 493: Internship in Early Childhood Special Education
CEC New Course ENGR 110: Engineering, Computing, and Social Justice
CEC New Course ME 466: Advanced Materials Engineering
CEC New Course ME 467: Nanosensors
CEC New Course SYST 414: Systems Thinking
CEHD New Course ELED 391: Clinical Experience: Theory to Practice Integration, Part 2
CEHD New Course KINE 480: Special Topics in Kinesiology
CHSS New Course CHSS 105: Undergraduate Colloquium
CHSS New Course COMM 309: Writing across the Media
CHSS New Course ENGH 270: Introduction to Screen Cultures
CHSS New Course ENGH 374: Screening the Global City
CHSS New Course ENGH 482: Community and Public Writing
CHSS New Course KORE 455: Korean Diasporas in a Global World
CHSS New Course KORE 470: Capstone in Korean Studies
CHSS New Course PHIL 241: Foundations of Ethics and AI
CHSS New Course PHIL 441: Ethics and AI: Practice and Projects
INTO New Course EAP 121: Enhanced Composition for Academic Purposes
INTO New Course EAP 401: Advanced English Grammar for Multilingual Students
SCHAR New Course GOVT 150: Introduction to Technology Policy
SCHAR New Course GOVT 352: Responsible Innovation
SCHAR New Course GOVT 363: Science and Technology Institutions/Policy
SCHAR New Course GOVT 369: Cybersecurity Policy
SCHAR New Course GOVT 426: Political Theory of Autonomous Algorithms
SCHAR New Course GOVT 461: Governance in Space
SCHAR New Course GOVT 462: Public Interest Technology


CEC Modified Course CS 112: Introduction to Computer Programming
CEC Modified Course CS 310: Data Structures
CEC Modified Course ECE 101: Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
CEC Modified Course ECED 490: Internship in Early Childhood Education
CEC Modified Course SYST 488: Financial Systems Engineering
CEHD Modified Course ECED 402: Foundations of Language and Literacy for Diverse Young Learners, Birth-Age 5
CEHD Modified Course KINE 200: Methods of Exercise Instruction
CEHD Modified Course KINE 350: Exercise Prescription and Programming
CEHD Modified Course KINE 490: Kinesiology Internship
CHSS Modified Course COMM 475: Journalism Law
CHSS Modified Course ENGH 497: Topics in Creative Writing
CHSS Modified Course HIST 125: Introduction to Global History
COS Modified Course BIOL 124: Human Anatomy and Physiology
COS Modified Course MATH 105: Precalculus Mathematics
COS Modified Course MATH 108: Introductory Calculus with Business Applications
COS Modified Course MATH 113: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
COS Modified Course MATH 114: Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
COS Modified Course MATH 115: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (Honors)
COS Modified Course MATH 125: Discrete Mathematics I
COS Modified Course MATH 314: Advanced Differential Equations
CVPA Modified Course AVT 422: Advanced Drawing


CEC Inactivated Course CYSE 205: Systems Engineering Principles
CHSS Inactivated Course COMM 303: Writing across the Media
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 490: RS: Clinical Research Internship



CVPA Inactivated Program DNCW: World Dance Minor


CEC Modified Program AVIM: Aviation Flight Training and Management Minor
CEC Modified Program E1-BSED-ELED: Elementary Education, BSEd
CEC Modified Program EC-BS-ME: Mechanical Engineering, BS
CEC Modified Program SYST: Systems Engineering Minor
CEHD Modified Program HPR: Health Promotion Minor
CHSS Modified Program APNS: Asia-Pacific and Northeast Asian Studies Minor
CHSS Modified Program ARBC: Arabic Minor
CHSS Modified Program CHIN: Chinese Minor
CHSS Modified Program FOLK: Folklore and Mythology Minor
CHSS Modified Program GLOA: Global Affairs Minor
CHSS Modified Program ISLM: Islamic Studies Minor
CHSS Modified Program JNL: Journalism Minor
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-ANTH: Anthropology, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-CLS: Criminology, Law and Society, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-HDFS: Human Development and Family Science, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-HIST: History, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-REST: Russian and Eurasian Studies, BA
CHSS Modified Program LA-BS-CLS: Criminology, Law and Society, BS
CHSS Modified Program MES: Middle East Studies Minor
CHSS Modified Program MEST: Medieval Studies Minor
CHSS Modified Program NAIS: Native American and Indigenous Studies Minor
CHSS Modified Program PHIL: Philosophy Minor
CHSS Modified Program PTW: Professional and Technical Writing Minor
CHSS Modified Program IMMS: Immigration Studies Minor
CHSS Modified Program LA-BA-RELI: Religious Studies, BA
COS Modified Program ENCO: Environmental Consulting Minor
COS Modified Program NEUR: Neuroscience Minor
COS Modified Program SC-BA-BIOL: Biology, BA
COS Modified Program SC-BS-CDS: Computational and Data Sciences, BS
COS Modified Program SSTS: Sustainability Studies Minor


CEC Modified Course CS 109: Intro to Computer Programming, Part B
CEC Modified Course SYST 420: Network Analysis
CEC Modified Course SYST 490: Senior Design Project I
CEC Modified Course CS 471: Operating Systems
CEHD Modified Course KINE 341: Kinesiology Practicum
CHSS Modified Course COMM 148: Podcasting and Radio Workshop I
CHSS Modified Course COMM 331: Public Relations Campaigns
CHSS Modified Course COMM 348: Podcasting and Radio Workshop II
CHSS Modified Course COMM 352: News Editing
CHSS Modified Course COMM 353: Broadcast Journalism
CHSS Modified Course COMM 369: Multimedia Storytelling
CHSS Modified Course COMM 370: Feature Writing
CHSS Modified Course COMM 371: Sports Writing and Reporting
CHSS Modified Course COMM 374: Political Journalism
CHSS Modified Course HDFS 499: Advanced Internship and Analysis in Human Development and Family Science
CHSS Modified Course SOCI 312: Qualitative Research Methods
CHSS Modified Course COMM 308: Writing for Public Relations
CHSS Modified Course COMM 384: Public Relations and Social Media
CHSS Modified Course COMM 389: Public Relations for Associations and Nonprofits
CHSS Modified Course COMM 390: Case Studies in Public Relations
COS Modified Course CDS 486: Advanced Topics in Computational and Data Sciences
CVPA Modified Course AVT 442: Advanced Printmaking
CVPA Modified Course AVT 462: Advanced Sculpture
CVPA Modified Course DANC 120: Special Topics in Dance I
CVPA Modified Course DANC 420: Special Topics in Dance II
CVPA Modified Course THR 150: Global Theater Histories I
CVPA Modified Course THR 151: Global Theater Histories II
CVPA Modified Course THR 304: Advanced Movement for Actors
CVPA Modified Course THR 350: Script Analysis
CVPA Modified Course AVT 432: Advanced Painting
INTO Modified Course INYO 105: U.S. American Cultures


CEC Inactivated Course CS 101: Preview of Computer Science
CEC Inactivated Course CYSE 301: Digital Systems
CEC Inactivated Course SWE 321: Software Engineering
CEHD Inactivated Course ATEP 330: Emergency Procedures for Athletic Trainers
CEHD Inactivated Course ATEP 340: Lower Body Physical Assessment
CEHD Inactivated Course ATEP 345: Athletic Training Clinical Techniques 1
CEHD Inactivated Course ATEP 351: Lower Body Therapeutic Interventions
CEHD Inactivated Course ATEP 354: Athletic Training Clinical Techniques 2
CEHD Inactivated Course ATEP 360: Therapeutic Interventions 2
CEHD Inactivated Course ATEP 366: Practicum IV: Therapeutic Rehabilitation
CEHD Inactivated Course ATEP 456: Practicum 5 Professional Integration
CEHD Inactivated Course EDUC 300: Introduction to Teaching
COS Inactivated Course GEOL 316: Computers in Geology
COS Inactivated Course GEOL 408: Practicum for Geology Laboratories
COS Inactivated Course MATH 045: STEM Math Prep
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 340: Health, Disease and Dysfunction
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 345: Applied Biomechanics in Rehabilitation
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 350: Clinical Physiology and Human Performance
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 375: Gait and Functional Movement Analysis
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 380: Neural Basis of Movement
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 390: Clinical Assessment of Functional Capacity
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 415: Clinical Movement Science I
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 416: Clinical Movement Science II
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 418: Exercise Endocrinology
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 420: Adult Health and Function
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 430: Advanced Functional Clinical Assessments
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 450: Psychosocial Adaptation in Rehabilitation
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 455: Research in Rehabilitation Science
CPH Inactivated Course RHBS 489: Introduction to Clinical Research
CPH Inactivated Course HHS 271: Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology II
CVPA Inactivated Course THR 345: Puppetry
INTO Inactivated Course AE 023: Basic Spelling Skills
INTO Inactivated Course AE 034: Dictionary Skills
INTO Inactivated Course AE 045: Developing Spelling Skills
INTO Inactivated Course AE 053: Newspaper Productioon
INTO Inactivated Course AE 083: SuperTOEFL
INTO Inactivated Course AE 088: Elective Topic 3
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 103: Language Support for Public Speaking
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 107: The Grammar of Academic Writing
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 109: College Reading Skills
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 111: Language Support for Introduction to Information Technology
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 112: Language Support for Introduction to Computer Programming
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 113: Language Support for University Physics
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 114: Language Support for General Chemistry I
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 115: Language Support for Introductory Geology I
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 120: Linguistics Capstone
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 403: Interpersonal Communication for International Students
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 404: Advanced English for Academic Purposes in Reading and Writing
INTO Inactivated Course INYO 045: STEM Mathematics Preparation
INTO Inactivated Course INYO 095: Quantitative Preparation for the Graduate Record Examination
INTO Inactivated Course INYO 096: Verbal and Quantitative Preparation for the Graduate Record Examination
INTO Inactivated Course INYO 097: Verbal, Quantitative, and Academic Writing Preparation for the Graduate Record Examination
INTO Inactivated Course INYO 206: International Peer Learning Partnership
INTO Inactivated Course INYO 207: International Peer Educational Leadership
INTO Inactivated Course AE 067: Acting with Americans
INTO Inactivated Course EAP 097: Verbal Preparation for the Graduate Record Examination
INTO Inactivated Course INYO 044: Business Math Preparation
SCHAR Inactivated Course GOVT 302: American Political Development
SCHAR Inactivated Course GOVT 309: Government and Politics of Metropolitan Areas
SCHAR Inactivated Course GOVT 328: Global Political Theory
SCHAR Inactivated Course GOVT 348: Political Violence and Civil War
SCHAR Inactivated Course GOVT 353: Social Entrepreneurship
SCHAR Inactivated Course GOVT 365: State and Regional Public Policy
CHSS Inactivated Course ANTH 378: Humans and Animals