May 2019 UGC Agenda

Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

I. Call to Order: 

II. Announcements/Discussion

IIINew Business

Action Items


Modified Program BUS ENTR: Entrepreneurship Minor
Modified Program CHHS HH-BS-COMH: Community Health, BS
Modified Program HNRS : University Honors


New Course CEHD SEED 440: Human Development, Learning, and Teaching
New Course CHHS GCH 305: Introduction to OneHealth
New Course CHHS HAP 456: Health Data Mining and Analysis
New Course CHHS NUTR 414: Food, Culture, Nutrition and the Mediterranean Diet
New Course COS MLAB 410: Medical Virology
New Course COS MLAB 411: Board Exam Preparation
New Course COS MLAB 412: Medical Mycology
New Course COS MLAB 413: Medical Parasitology
New Course COS MLAB 414: Molecular Detection of Infectious Disease
New Course COS MLAB 415: Medical Bacteriology
New Course COS MLAB 417: Advanced Methods in Clinical Molecular Biology
New Course COS MLAB 418: Human Molecular and Chromosomal Applications and Pathology
New Course PROV INYO 103: Precalculus Support for INTO Mason Year One
New Course PROV INYO 104: Linear Modeling Support for INTO Mason Year One
New Course VSE STAT 105T: Intro Statistics – Transfer


Modified Course BUS FNAN 321: Financial Institutions
Modified Course BUS FNAN 341: Introduction to Firm Valuation
Modified Course BUS FNAN 401: Advanced Financial Management
Modified Course COS GEOL 308: Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Modified Course CHSS COMM 157: Digital Media Workshop
Modified Course COS MATH 302: Foundations of Geometry
Modified Course COS MATH 312: Geometry
Modified Course CVPA FAVS 260: Video Editing for Film



Modified Program CVPA AR-BA-AVT: Art and Visual Technology, BA
Modified Program CVPA AR-BFA-AVT: Art and Visual Technology, BFA
Modified Program CVPA AR-BFA-GAME: Computer Game Design, BFA


Modified Course BUS ACCT 311: Managerial and Cost Accounting
Modified Course BUS ACCT 320: Introduction to Government Accounting 
Modified Course BUS ACCT 331: Financial Accounting II
Modified Course BUS ACCT 351: Taxation and Managerial Decision Making
Modified Course BUS ACCT 361: Accounting Analytics
Modified Course BUS ACCT 370: International Accounting
Modified Course BUS ACCT 372: Financial Statement Analysis
Modified Course BUS FNAN 311: Principles of Investment
Modified Course BUS FNAN 390: Introduction to Financial Planning
Modified Course CEHD ELED 305: Foundations of Elementary Methods and Management
Modified Course CEHD ELED 401: Classroom Management and Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners
Modified Course CEHD ELED 402: Differentiating Elementary Methods and Management
Modified Course CEHD ELED 410: Emergent and Early Literacy
Modified Course CEHD ELED 411: Reading Development, Processes, Assessment, and Pedagogy
Modified Course CEHD ELED 412: Writing Development, Processes and Pedagogy 
Modified Course CEHD ELED 420: Arts Integration in Elem Ed
Modified Course CEHD ELED 421: STEM in the Elementary Classroom 
Modified Course CEHD ELED 443: Children, Family, Culture, and Schools, 4-12 Year Olds
Modified Course CEHD ELED 452: Mathematics Methods for the Elementary Classroom
Modified Course CEHD ELED 453: Science Methods for the Elementary Classroom
Modified Course CEHD ELED 454: Methods of Teaching Social Studies and Integrating Fine Arts in the Elementary Classroom
Modified Course CEHD ELED 480: Practicum in Elementary Education
Modified Course CEHD KINE 200: Methods of Exercise Instruction
Modified Course CHHS GCH 491: Study Abroad in Public Health
Modified Course CHSS ANTH 390: History of Anthropological Thought
Modified Course CHSS COMM 145: Newspaper Workshop I
Modified Course CHSS COMM 148: Radio Workshop I
Modified Course CHSS COMM 345: Newspaper Workshop II
Modified Course CHSS COMM 347: Cable TV Programming and Marketing
Modified Course CHSS COMM 348: Radio Workshop II
Modified Course COS CHEM 102: Chemistry for Changing Times
Modified Course COS CHEM 104: Chemistry for Changing Times
Modified Course PROV AE 003: Oral Communication Skills Foundations


Inactivated Program CVPA AVT: Art and Visual Technology Minor

IV.  Adjournment


College/SchoolContact TitlePhoneEmail
INTO MASONDr. Karyn KesslerAssociate Director, Curriculum and
THE OFFICE OF THE PROVOSTMs. Jacquelyn L. NashAssociate Director, Undergraduate
THE OFFICE OF THE PROVOSTMs. Marcy GloverOps Mgr, Acad Initiatives and Services/
THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSDr. Patrick SoleymaniAssistant Dean for Undergraduate
THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENTDr. Ellen RodgersAssociate Dean, Student and Academic
THE COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICESDr. Robert WeilerAssociate Dean, Academic Affairs, Global
THE COLLEGE OF SCIENCEDr. Padmanabhan SeshaiyerAssociate Dean for Academic
THE COLLEGE OF VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS Dr. Karen ReedyAssoc Dean for Undergraduate
THE HONORS COLLEGEDr. Jan AllbeckAssociate Dean, Honors
THE SCHAR SCHOOL OF POLICY AND GOVERNMENTDr. Ann LudwickAssistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic
THE SCHOOL FOR CONFLICT ANALYSIS AND RESOLUTIONDr. Mara SchoenyAssociate Professor, Director, Undergraduate
THE VOLGENAU SCHOOL OF ENGINEERINGDr. Colin ReagleAssistant Professor, Mechanical